Frozen Mesh Wreath & Pumpkin

With all the “Frozen” hype going on for the past year, I had to make a wreath with that theme, or at the very least with that color scheme. I used a 24″ white pine wreath base (from Joann), one roll of 6″ Light-ish Blue mesh (from the 99 cent store!), a jumbo roll of 2″ Silver, wired ribbon (from Michael’s), blue and silver plastic ornaments of varying sizes (99 cent store and Joann), and various Christmas picks and stems (Michael’s). Click on images to enlarge.

 BlueDecoMeshWreathShotsBlueDecoMeshWreath (1) BlueDecoMeshWreathCloseUpShots

I LOVE the ribbon I used. It has beautiful snowflakes that are just beautiful. I was also lucky enough to find Silver Christmas stems that have petals with the same sheer quality as the ribbon. Score!

I found that the pine wreath was a bit more difficult for me to use than the metal frame with the pipe cleaners. Perhaps it is because it can get a bit confusing on locating the right place to attach the mesh. I had to redo it once, using a different method, since it look awkward the first time around.

Anyway, I hope this sparks some creativity in you to make your own wreath! You won’t regret it.


I also wanted to show you an Elsa pumpkin I finished a day or two ago. I found a tutorial on Pinterest by blogger apumpkinandaprincess and I just had to try it myself.

You’ll need:

  1. A plastic white pumpkin (usually sold at Michaels a month or two before October)
  2. Krylon glitter blast, “Sparkling Waters” color
  3. Krylon glitter sealer to help keep the glitter stay put (optional)
  4. Adhesive rhinestones of your choice
  5. Adhesive bling on a roll
  6. Snowflakes stickers
  7. Small tiara

This is how mine turned out. I had a lot of fun using the glitter blast spray and I plan to do more with them in future projects. I followed apumpkinandaprincess’ design up until the rhinestones. I couldn’t find the ones she used so I found ones that worked just as well and also a pack of snowflakes in two shades of blue that was just too pretty to pass up. The only thing left is to find a tiara, which I have been unsuccessful in. Hopefully, I will find one soon before Christmas. The only issue I encountered was that the adhesive bling and rhinstones don’t have a very strong grip on the pumpkin; thus, they can potentially peel or fall off if you mess around with them too much.


I hope you enjoyed seeing some DIY Christmas/Frozen projects.

Thanks for reading!



Disney Layout #3

Hi, everyone!!

Today I will show you my 3rd Disney layout. This one was so much fun to do!

03AResized Disney Scrapbook
I found this AMAZING collection by Simple Stories that goes perfectly with Disney-themed layouts. It is the “Say Cheese” collection and is available at, Joann, and Michael’s recently started carrying them in their stores. I only used one embellishment (the “Say Cheese” bubble at the top left corner) on this layout, but I will be using more of the collection in future scrapbook pages.

Moreover, I found a pack of large Alphabet letters at Michael’s that were on clearance and knew that they would be perfect for doing titles. The “body” of the letters is clear plastic (refer to photo below). I overlapped them using micro glue dots so that the actual letters were closer together. The “Hello” and “Cute” are wood veneers (also from Michael’s). I decided that I didn’t want the wood look so I tried using a white, silvery Ranger liquid pearls to turn it white. Once it dried, I put a layer of glossy accents to protect it. The wood felt fragile to me so I thought using white paint might deteriorate it.

04 Disney Scrapbook

The absolutely adorable”Mickey Poses” pattern paper is from Joann. The green with white dots paper is available at Michael’s. Joann actually has a pretty good selection of Disney-themed paper, unlike Michael’s which only has 1 or 2. The camera dimensional sticker is by Recollections and comes in a pack of 6 different looking cameras (#308573). The star and heart gemstones can be bought at any craft stores in the sticker section. I believe I got mine at Michael’s a long time ago. The mickey mouse gem sticker (picture above) comes in a pack of 18 of 3 different colors: red, clear, and black.

05 Disney Scrapbook

If you are interested in the “Disneyland 2014″ card (seen on the left side of the layout), you can find more Disney journal cards like it here. The cards in there are amazing and great for pocket page scrapbooking! The album is very large, so set aside a large window of time (1-2 hours) to look at them and download the ones you like. I would like to thank the creator of these Disney journal filler cards, pixiesprite, for making them. I have used many of her Disney cards in this scrapbook for journaling.

06 Disney Scrapbook

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or email me (refer to “Contact Me” tab above).

Thanks for reading!



SayCheeseChipboardStickers      MickeyGemStickers


Black Friday Spree

So I’ve been a bit of a bad girl and went a little crazy on craft shopping this Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I told myself I wouldn’t spend, but who can resist those unbelievable holiday sales?! My family doesn’t do anything for Thanksgiving, so I was out the door waiting in line Thanksgiving evening with no regrets about missing the big family dinner like so many people do.

I ended up buying FOUR Cricut Cartridges from Joann. They were $20 each and we all know that is a decent price for these products nowadays. I got Type Candy Font, Winter Wonderland, Picturesque, and Elegant Edges. So far I have only explored a bit with Winter Wonderland. This cartridge requires the universal overlay to us, unless you have a Cricut Expression 2. Also, it appears that newly released cartridges do not contain the rewards certificate in them. I did not receive it in my Winter Wonderland box and have learned that Cricut forgot to include them when they sent the cartridges out. I have emailed them about this and am still waiting for a reply. If you did not get your rewards, calling or doing a live chat might be a faster approach than emailing them.

I also ordered two Sizzix die sets (Circles and Scalloped Circles), and a few other things from Joann. I’m still waiting for them to arrive. I also bought adhesive refills from Michaels – Buy one, Get one free, PLUS 30% off coupon. I wished I had gotten more refills when I went the first time because when I went back to get more, they were all gone.

Moreover, Staples had a sale on the Fellowes SATURN 2 95 9.5″ Thermal & Cold Laminator ($160) for $30! My order hasn’t come in yet, so I haven’t been able to play with it, but reviews on it have been positive. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t come damaged or I end up breaking it.

I finally bought a label maker as well. I’ve been putting it off because it is a rather expensive tool to have (thanks to those darn refill tape!). Alas, I decided it was time to get one…for no other apparent reason than wanting one. Best reason to get stuff, right?!  I decided to get the Brother PT-D200MA Label Maker ($40, on sale for $10) at OfficeMax. I’ve only printed one thing off and it worked splendidly. I ordered an adapter for it on Amazon a few days ago and got it today. Now, I can use my label maker without worrying about using a ton of batteries (it requires 6 AAA!).

Now, that the shopping spree period is over (for now) I can now go hide in my room and agonize over how much money I spent and wonder how I can stop myself from spending more money for Christmas.

Thanks for reading,

(Sincerely Poor)


Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel!!

Ever wanted to know how to make things look glossy like epoxy stickers? Well, I have found a way! Behold, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (aka UTEE)!!

Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel

You can find this at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. A bottle is about $12.99 and is 8 oz. I used a 50% off coupon at Michael’s and got it for about $7.09. It is very easy to use. All you need is something you want to have glossy (flat objects are better, such as paper, chipboard, or flower embellishments), a heat gun, a Versamark stamp pad, tweezers, and the UTEE.


For this example, I used a circle that I punched out of cardstock with a circle punch.

  1. Use the tweezers to hold the circle while you ink it up (on one side) with the Versamark pad. For my experiment, I cut out a strip of paper and stuck it to the back of the circle so my tweezers had something to hold onto other than the actual circle.
  2. Dip or pour the UTEE on the inked side and heat it up with the heat gun. Tweezers prevent you from burning your fingers!
  3. QUICKLY dip or pour another layer of the UTEE on top of the first layer and heat it up.
  4. Again, quickly add another layer of UTEE and heat it up.
  5. Let it cool down.
  6. You should now have a clear, glossy film over the circle.

The key to adding layers is to make sure the previous layer is still hot enough for the powder to cling to. The more layers you add, the thicker it becomes. One layer usually has a rough, bumpy texture. By the 3rd layer it should be smooth. If you add 4-5 layers, you can stamp on it and make an impression! However, because it is gets rather thick, it may start becoming watery and start drooping (similar to hot glue) if you hold it at an angle. Just tilt the paper around and move the excess where you want it to and let it cool down. Also, it does get a bit messy. Little powders that don’t stick will fly off when the heat gun blows on it so you’ll see random bits of powder all over the place. Make sure to have newspaper or a craft sheet in your workspace so you can easily clean it up.

As you can see from below, the circle has a gloss over it. The strip is the cardstock I used to experiment with.


Experiment with different things and see what you get!

Thanks for reading!


Black Friday Bonanza

Black Friday – endless lines, numbed bottoms, frozen toes, and soon-to-be empty wallets. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Just like last year and the year before that, I ended up spending loads of money on things I don’t really need but feel like I can’t live without! This included a new iPod Touch (I needed more memory!), an Xbox 360 wireless controller (I only play video games once in a while so I question my decision on this), a sturdier art portfolio (good investment, I assure you!), a storage for my cardstock (I needed it eventually and it was on sale!), Frame of Mind Cricut Cartridge (Ok, not necessary, but now I can cut out frames!), some pantyhose-like tights (I may regret it later since it may not even match my brown ankle boots), and some crafting supplies (too cheap to pass up!). I also helped pay for a $114 fake leather jacket (orig. price was $228).

Thursday afternoon began my sleep-deprived period of waiting and shopping (Yes, Black Friday is no longer on Friday). Always prepared, I set up a mental map of the journey ahead. I hit Michaels first, then waited for 3.5 hours at Toys R Us, then Target at 9, then Paradise Valley Mall at midnight. A 4 hour nap and I was off to meet up with friends and go ball gown shopping for an upcoming school ball. That shopping trip lasted 8 HOURS. I believe that’s a new record for me. By the end of the day, I felt like my legs were going to drop off.

The shopping at Paradise Valley Mall was a very interesting experience. I’ve never gone to a mall on Black Friday before, so I decided to give it a try this year. Let me say that it was crazy. The second those doors opened everyone pushed in and ran like crazy, stampeding through the mall. Most of them passed the table giving away free mugs and a coupon for free coffee (good thing for me since that was the main reason I wanted to go). It was definitely exciting and lively, with a festive air to it.

The long shopping trip on Friday was exhausting but successful. We hit up Tempe Marketplace, a few Goodwills, My Sister’s Closet, and a Savers. We all loved Savers because it was huge. My friends got their ball dresses (for about only $10!) and I got some crafting supplies at super low prices.

Here’s some of the crafting supplies I got. The cardstock storage is regularly priced at $90, and I got it for $25 (after an additional 25% off the sale price)! The mirror stamp I found at Savers for a bit less than $2 (lucky find!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. A friend recently told me a guy we knew in high school bought 16 TVs on Black Friday! Why? He got an adrenaline rush from waiting in line with hundreds of other people and scurrying around the store crazily finding things. That’s CRAZY. I wish I could have seen it happening…a young man buying 16 TVs…what a sight that would have been.