More Wreaths!


Even though Christmas has come and gone, my wreath-making skills are still fired up! I gotta make some for next Christmas, obviously. Right now, I am trying to make enough wreaths to hang on almost every door in my house. Don’t ask me why, I just have to. LOL I have about 4 or 5 more to go.

Crazy Silver Wreath (1)

This silver wreath is a lot smaller than my other wreaths. The wreath base I used is about 12″ and I used a roll of 6″ silver mesh. I wanted to try a crazy color scheme since it looked like a lot of fun to do. When I started this, I didn’t have any of the ornaments that you see now. To reduce costs, I bought a bag of Christmas-themed decorative fillers for $1 (colorful styrofoam balls) and glued those to the mesh. I then got some ornaments with designs on them since it looked a little plain to me. I could only find a box of 9 ornaments with weird dots on them. Since I wanted more size variety, I bought a box of plain ornaments and used perfect pearls to add white dots to them. And voila!

Pink Wreath (4)

This pink wreath does not sit well with me. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I got pink ribbon (of almost the same shade!) to use with the pink mesh! That is the main thing that bothers me about it. When I went out shopping earlier for things to go with the pink mesh, my brain kept thinking “pink, pink, pink.” Shame on me for not focusing on my secondary color (which was gold). Anyway, after adding the gold and pink flowers and ornaments, I felt it needed more color variety; therefore, I added bits of lime green, silver, and purple/pink ornaments. Alas, despite this varied color scheme, it still feels too….pink!

Vintage RedGrn Wreath (7)

I had a difficult time decorating this wreath. I wanted to stay within the color scheme (red, green, brown, gold), but the Christmas stems I had were almost invisible against the mesh. My brother pointed that fact out to me, so I had to find something with contrast. Luckily, these gold Christmas stems I got at Michael’s work perfectly. A piece of advice, if you ever feel that your wreath looks too sparse or you can’t get a color to work with your other colors, try adding large flowers of the desired color and see how much more unified the entire composition becomes. Before I had the large, gold flowers, I had the small, gold Christmas stems arranged around the wreath and it just looked too awkward. It wasn’t until I added the large, gold flowers that I was able to make the other gold stems look like they belonged on the wreath.

I hope you got some inspiration/ideas from my wreaths to make your own mesh wreaths. Remember to not stress too much over having it look perfect. No one will notice the flaws after you add the embellishments and finalize everything.

Thanks for reading!





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