Deco Mesh Wreaths!!

Lately, I have been in a wreath-making mood. I have seen some beautiful ones on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand at it. After watching a few YouTube videos on how to make deco mesh wreaths and gathering my supplies, I set out on making my first wreath….

And here is the result! (Click on image to enlarge)

LiGoDecoMeshWreathXmas LiGoDecoMeshWreathXmas5 LiGoDecoMeshWreathXmas4 LiGoDecoMeshWreathXmas2

I really, really enjoyed making it and loved how it turned out in the end. The results were a lot more pleasing than I expected. The biggest thing I learned is that when you are starting to adding the mesh, do NOT worry about how it looks at that exact moment. It will look better after you are done with the mesh and have time to fluff it up to your liking. Really, the entire process is all about “feeling” where things can go rather than approach it in a logical/organized way.

All my supplies were bought at Michaels, except for the red ribbon which I got at Joann last year.

1. Metal wreath frame that have the pipe cleaners already on there (or attach them yourself), a regular plain Christmas wreath (the one with branches of leaves that you will need to fluff out before adding mesh), or a regular metal wreath frames that have 2-3 rings.

2. 1 roll of Mesh (21″ x 3o yds) should be enough for an 18″ wreath base.

3. Two different designed WIRED ribbon with varying widths. The wire will help the ribbon pop off from the mesh

4. Christmas stems/picks, embellishments, signs, objects, etc

I’ll list a few videos below that I found useful.

I hope you feel inspired to start creating your own!



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