Minion Card Tutorial

I absolutely love the minions from Despicable Me. They are just too cute and funny for their own good. That’s why I decided to make a tutorial on how to make a minion card for my FIRST EVER crafting video!

I decided that it’s time to move to the next step in sharing my cards, and that means making videos! It will most likely be slow since I am a bit camera shy. I will try to make as many videos as I can, but the videos will probably be spaced a few weeks apart. I’m hoping this experience will help me hone my teaching and speaking skills so that if I ever get the chance to teach a group of people, I will be able to clearly communicate my ideas.

Anyway, this was a pretty simply video overall, but the editing took FOREVER! I’ve learned a lot about producing a video by doing this first one and I hope my videos become more professional and higher quality as my experience and knowledge grows. I’ve always disliked watching long videos, but now I can see how difficult it is to keep a video short while showing a card tutorial! I applaud those who have the skills to do manage that!

My video is below. If you have any tips/advice/comments on how to better improve my videos or what I should keep doing, please let me know – either by commenting on here or on the YouTube video page.



Material List:
Denim Pattern Paper – 2″ x 3″ & .5″ x 3″
Yellow cardstock – 8.5″ x 5.5″
Black Cardstock – Hair, Pupil, Buttons, Mouth, Goggle Band (4.25″ x .5″)
Pink/Red Cardstock (Optional): Tongue
White Cardstock – White of the Eye, Card insert (4″ x 5.25″)
Brown Cardstock – Iris
Gray/Silver – Goggle Rim
Foam Tape
Optional: Black Brads (2), Black Buttons (2)

Product List:
Sizzix Framelits:
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue:
Tombow Mono Adhesive Permanent:
Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Tape:
The Paper Studio: Dark Denim (Item #422352) pattern paper from Hobby Lobby

1. Make the base. Cut a 8.5″ x 11″ yellow sheet in half to get 8.5″ x 5.5″ and then fold in half to make 4.25″ x 5.5″.

2.  Make the eye. Using two circle punches or two circle dies, punch or die cut the goggle rim out with gray or silver cardstock.

3. Use the LARGER size circle punch/die and punch/die cut a circle out of white cardstock.

4. To make the iris and pupil, get two smaller size punches/dies that are smaller than the two you used to make the goggle rim. Use the bigger punch/die on brown cardstock for the iris. Use the smallest punch for the pupil. Glue all four pieces together in this order – White is the bottom, gray/silver goggle rim on top, brown iris on white, black pupil on brown iris.

5. To make the overalls, cut out a rectangle (2″ x 3″) out of the Dark Denim pattern paper (or just blue cardstock). Cut out a strip that is 3″ x .5.” Adhere the rectangle to the bottom of the card horizontally. Then cut the strip in half and glue them on each side to make the straps of the overalls. Cut off the excess.

6. Use a circle punch/die that is smaller than the width of your straps, and punch out two small, black buttons. Put foam tape on the back and stick them on the ends where the straps and the front of the overalls overlap.

7. For the mouth: punch out half a circle using the 1″ punch on black cardstock. If you want a tongue as well, punch out half a circle using the 1″ punch on pink/red cardstock, then with the 1″ circle punch, punch out a small area on the round side of the pink half-circle. You will end up with a leaf-shape pink piece. Adhere that to the half-circle black piece.

8. Glue on the mouth, then use the eye  to help you determine where to glue your black goggle band [in relation to the mouth and overalls]. After that, adhere the eye.

9. For the hair, get a scrap of black paper that is at least .75″ – 1.25″ and put adhesive on one end. Cut off small strips and adhere to the top of the card above the eye.

10. All that is left is to glue/adhere a white [4″ x 5.25″] insert inside the card and you are done!

Here is my version.


I will try to take pictures for my next tutorial since I know it is more helpful when there are visuals. I forgot to do it with this one. I apologize.

Thanks for reading and watching my video!



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