Senior Drawing Exhibition

It has been a busy few weeks as the semester draws to an end. I’ve been swamped with keeping up with school and unfortunately, haven’t had any time to work on any cards. However, I want to share what I’ve been up to recently with some pictures of my senior art exhibition. I got to work with 6 other very talented artists. Our show was called “Organic Intricacies.” I have to say it takes A LOT of work to set up a show. We only had 3 days and it took hours and hours to properly hang up the work (at least for me). Our opening reception was last Tuesday, April 22. We had a pretty successful turnout. A lot more people than I thought showed up to see our work (the free food was probably a big incentive!).

ShowTitleDSC01269Attendees Attendees2  DSC01295 NellyJulie

This is a big milestone for me since I am now one step closer to graduating this upcoming May! All I have to do now is keep working hard and pass all my classes. I still remember being a freshman, thinking how long 4 years will be, but now I am so close to obtaining my bachelor’s degree! I have to say it’s been a great four years; I’ve met so many wonderful people. Hopefully, I will find opportunities in the near future where I can continue to use  and hone my artistic skills.

Thanks for reading!



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