Easy Way to Protect and Display Your Cards!

Not sure if crafty people have discovered this yet, but I went to Staples and found these 8.5 x 11 inch page protectors that were divided into four sections, making them 4.25  x 5.5 inch  per section. They appear to currently be out of stock on Staples.com, but perhaps you will have better luck in store, or try another site.


I figured these would make great protectors for cards that you’ve done. Plus, if you’re the type to showcase them often to people, they are great to use as a catalog type of thing. These would also make great “reference pages,” so you can always look back at cards you’ve done and make more of them!

I’m using these to hold sample cards, so that when I try to sell cards it would be easy for people to skim through and see each card without worrying about them getting dirty or damaged! Or if I need a card for an occasion, I can just look through them and pick one that fits and make it!

The only thing you would have to remember is that these won’t hold A2 cards exactly. You will have to cut about 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch off the regular A2 size to fit them nicely.

Page1      Page2

Another nice feature is that they have flaps on them so they won’t fall out easily! Brilliant, Martha Stewart. The flaps are the slightly darker strips in the picture below.


All in all, these protectors make everything look so professional!

On another note, I bought a Cutterpillar Pro V.3! Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait long to get it. 7Kids happened to have one in stock so I didn’t have to wait till April to get it!

I was getting frustrated with how quickly my Fiskars blades would get dull and how even with a new blade, the cut was never clean. I finally gave in and bought the Pro. I tried it out as soon as I got it and LOVE it. It really does cut crisply. It felt a bit awkward at first because there is nothing to hold the paper down, except your hand. However, because it so sharp, it almost feels like you’re cutting butter!

I can’t wait to start using it more!

Thanks for reading!


(Click on images to enlarge).


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