Love [Cards] is Never-ending!

I know, I am soooo late in posting this, but I have been feeling dispassionate about writing (or being productive) for a few weeks now. I’m having my senior art exhibition in April (graduation is just around the corner!) and have been working on a few drawings and slowly preparing for the show. But to be honest, I’ve been mainly occupied with playing on my new 3DS XL that I got for Valentine’s Day. Don’t [mentally] scold me for being such a slacker! I couldn’t help it! Blame it on senioritis. Darn disease.

Anyway, here are some Valentine’s Day Cards that I had made to sell at a high school fundraiser. Please click on the images to enlarge.

Instant Love Valentine Card Key to My Heart Valentine Card

Man in My Life Valentine Card 2 My Man Valentine Card 2


I am always trying to improve my card designs, so don’t be shy to share your input on these card layouts.

Thanks for reading,



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