Hey, guys! Here’s an update on some more of my work.

I finished the apples painting. I’m not 100% satisfied with it because I can clearly see areas that need to be worked on, but this is what I was able to achieve by the deadline.

Apples Painting 2


I have also started on my second project for my BFA Studio Seminar class. This one I am trying hard to remain abstract, no matter what my brain tries to tell me.

Project #2a

Here is my next assignment in life drawing. I feel really unsatisfied with this one. I really like to blend when it comes to shading, but for this one I just did mark making with a large, charcoal stick. I sort of like the look of the texture. However, the top model’s face is awkward and the bottom model is cut off at such a horrible location! It didn’t help that the paper we used are HUGE and didn’t fully fit the boards we had. When I tried taping it down (with VERY weak tape), the top, left corner ripped off, so I had to rip the rest of the sides so it wouldn’t look weird. After having to go through so much trouble taping it up to the board (ended up using someone else’s tape since the paper kept flying off with my tape), I seriously felt done and didn’t want to draw anymore. This is probably why I made so many mistakes starting out.

Life Drawing 2


I’ve been feeling restless and lazy and uninspired lately so it’s been a pain trying to make good art. Hopefully, something will happen soon that will inspire and motivate me.

Which reminds me, I have started my Copic collection! I haven’t had the chance to fully play with them, but from what I have done so far with them I am in love with Copics! I wish I had invested in them sooner since I have seen some good sales in the past that probably won’t happen again for a while.

I’ll try to post up some samples of what I have done with Copics soon.

Thanks for reading!



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