Current Work

This is probably a first for me in regards to posting about my current work on here. I tend to mainly focus on cardmaking, but I feel it’s time to be more varied with my posts.

This year, I’m taking a life drawing class and another course that is all about independent projects, meaning no assignments and I get to draw whatever I like! This independence is really new to me, since I don’t often have enough inspiration to draw outside of school. I mainly create work for school assignments only (I shouldn’t even call myself an artist!) but this course has really opened my eyes and has me thinking, “What do I like to draw???”

I see myself as a very factual person. I like having a logical path when creating a piece and focusing on the technical aspect of art, rather than the conceptual side of it. This is what really helped me with doing class art projects. I get a list of requirements and my objective is to fulfill them using my technical skills. Though now my upper division courses are pushing more for concept (a real pain!).

Lately, I’ve been drawn to linear designs and the potential of line variations and how they look together as a whole. This is the result. I originally planned for it to simply be abstract linear forms, but my brain can’t compute that (it sees abstract and tries to find an identifiable image within it) so I ended up turning my forms into a person. I feel ALMOST done with it. I am still debating on where to take it from here.

For life drawing, we had a 4 day pose, meaning we got 4 days to work on one single pose. We worked on mylar which is a new surface for me to work on. It’s like a translucent, smooth paper. I used graphite because I really liked how it slid across the surface so well. I liked how her body turned out, but her head….awful. It looks way too small for her body, but I couldn’t find a way to make it look more natural. I think the part her head is cut off at makes it like her head is elongated. Also, in case you can’t figure it out, the giant thing on the right is the tip of a finger that is trying to blend graphite. Therefore, at first it seems the piece is of an artist (me) drawing the model, but really it is of me drawing another artist drawing the model.

I am also taking a painting course this semester. I’ve never really been a big fan of painting, but I decided to take this course in hopes I would learn to appreciate it more.

My first project was enjoyable. I didn’t really have to think and it was all about geometry (my brain loved this). The project was basically about using only three colors (two colors plus white) to make a variety of opaque shades and hues; I used blue and orange acrylic paint. We had to use tape to section of the canvas and the edges had to be PERFECT, crisp edges. That was the hard part – getting the edges to be crisp was a real pain. I managed to achieve good edges in some parts, but in others it just wouldn’t cooperate. Overall, I think it is a good piece; though, more thought could be put into the design.

My next painting project is about painting apples. For this one, we used oil paints. I’ve been wanting to learn how to use oil paints for a few years now, so it’s been sort of fun learning how it works. We first had to paint an acrylic undertone that focused on shadows and highlights. Then, we painted translucent layers of oil paints over that.

My biggest problem is achieving believable highlights on the apples. I keep trying to make it look as realistic as possible and it keeps looking weirder and weirder. After some advice from my instructor, I toned down the whites on the apples and then later tried a different technique at doing the highlights. It sort of worked. It still looks a bit funny, but at least I’m going down the right path. I still have lots to do on this piece, and it sucks that it takes days to dry!

So there you go guys. These are basically all the current works of art I’m doing right now in school. I’ll try to post a few more as the school year progresses.

Thanks for reading!



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