Sharing is Caring

So a friend from school recently posted a blog post about sharing other people’s blog. I realized I haven’t really discussed any of my friends’ blogs (to my horror) on here, so I decided to change that around.

My friend Ariana LOVES animation! If you visit her blog, you will see some amazing works that she has done that I seriously wish I could do. My favorite is her penguin. It’s so adorable! She’s also a part of the school’s animation club (applause on school participation!). Visit her blog and read all of her enthusiastic posts (I wish I could reach her level of enthusiasm through words). They’ll surely make you smile.

My other friend Julie is a Drawing major just like me! Her blog showcases most of her beautiful works, from school and out of school. Her skill is incredible; she is truly gifted when it comes to drawing people. Her drawings in Life Drawing amaze me every time I see them; she is always able to capture the beauty of the model. I hope one day I can be as good as her at drawing figures.

Please take a few minutes to check them out! And go ahead and share some blogs that you follow that you feel deserve some recognition!

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