Fun with Dylusions!

Guess what?! I visited Hobby Lobby last weekend and to my delightful surprise they had 2 sets of Dylusion ink sprays that Joann’s didn’t have! Of course, I immediately had to buy them, so now I have 12 of 18. Almost there!


I haven’t had much time to use all the colors, but I did manage to experiment a bit with some of them.

But first, here are some tags I did with Tim Holtz Distress ink pads. In the first picture, I was focused on stamping, distressing, and collaging. In the second picture, I had some ink leftover on my work surface, and unable to waste them, took some more tags, sprayed more water on the ink and placed the tags right on them. I love the cool marble-like effect that was created! In the third picture, I went further by stamping with Versamark and embossing with white embossing powder. The last picture shows how I have kept my tags together. I bought the ring in a set of various sizes at Walmart for about $2, I believe.

TagsTags 1

Tags 2  Tags 3 Tags Ring

Here are some examples of me using the Crushed Grape and Vibrant Turquoise Dylusion ink sprays on some kind of cotton-like material that I found from work. I embossed some of them first then sprayed a bit of color on them, then sprayed water to dilute the color and make it spread around. The bottom two in the picture on the right were simply “dyed” by putting them in the diluted, excess ink I had on my work surface, no embossing. Overall, this was really fun to do because it felt like I was spraying on a t-shirt.

Dylusion Experiment Dylusion Experiment 1

So here are the colored versions of the butterflies from the Antique Flowers And Butterflies stamp-and-die combo set by Hero Arts and Sizzix. My favorite to color was the large one. I found the medium and little butterflies to be a bit of a struggle to color because there isn’t much room for color variation on their wings. I used sharpie pens and colored pencils.


Below are some examples of me spraying some of my Dylusion inks on watercolor paper. waiting till it dried, stamping on the paper with my butterfly stamps, and then die cutting them. Don’t they look cool?! If you’re ever too lazy to color them by hand, you could always try this method of spray and die cut. Simple and quick.

Big Butterflies Butterflies

Here’s a card I made using some of the butterflies. The brown paper is thin (but pretty sturdy) chipboard that I got from work (LOVE it!).  It is thin enough to emboss and it doesn’t crackle! You can also use your dies on it (mine came out wonderfully). I so enjoy recycling materials from work.

Have a great day copy

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4 responses to “Fun with Dylusions!

  1. You have a Sailor Moon stamp? 😮 (Makes me want to look for some other Anime stamps) Very pretty tags. I would not have guessed so much fun stuff was on this page from the display photo, I am so glad I took a look.^^ I have yet to try these inks for myself. Looks like you had a lot of fun using them. =^_^=

    • The Sailor Moon image was not a stamp. I hand drew her and then colored, but anime stamps would be cool to have. And thank you!

      Please let me know if/when you try the inks out yourself. I would love to see what you can do with them. I’m still trying to find new ideas/inspiration.

      • Very good drawing! I am better at coloring in than drawing myself (at least in my opinion)

        I am working on personal photography project right now too. Taking some black and white photos. ( So I can color them in …lol)

        I am in the process of saving up for 3 things. and the ink sprays are pretty low on my list of wants right now, but I do think they are really cool. I have seen them used a bit in art journaling(sp) / pinterest posts and also youtube. (Some the videos were hard to actually listen to though …lol)

        Thanks again for sharing… I am always up for swapping ideas.^^

      • Thank you. Sometimes I feel like I can color better than I can draw, too. LOL It depends a lot on the mood I am in.

        What do you use to color them in?

        Yeah, I’ve seen them used a lot in art journaling. That’s how I came across them. I just got into art journaling and was looking up info on how to get started and saw people using them.

        Yes! I love to learn from others on how to do new things. I’ve been obsessed with experimenting and learn new techniques/ideas with craft/art products for months. It’s been a lot of fun.

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