Father’s Day Card Challenge

Finally, another card challenge! I know it’s long overdue, but I recently got a job so most of my time has been preoccupied with working. Therefore, I haven’t had time to do any crafting or blogging. Hopefully, as I grow accustomed to my new schedule, I’ll find the time to craft and blog more regularly.

Anyway, this card challenge was for (belated) Father’s Day. The colors were brown, green, yellow/beige, and blue (optional). The base was regular open-and-close. The stamp set was “Dude” by Kelly Purkey.

Kelly Purkey Dude

Here are the cards (Click to enlarge):

Card #1: Front and Inside

(2nd picture may be easier to see)

Father's Day CardFather's Day Card 3

Father's Day Card Inside

Card #2: Front

Father's Day Card

Please vote for your favorite and if possible, explain why!

Voting ends June 30 at 7PM

The theme for the next card challenge will be 4th of July!


The winner for the previous “Friend” card challenge was Nelly:

Friends Card Challenge

The strongest factor in this card was the colors. Some people stated that my card had a stronger design and more symmetry/balance, but that the colors were not as eye-catching as this one.

This shows that sometimes color is the most important thing to consider, since colors are typically what people take note of first. They often influence our emotions, and therefore, they often influence our preferences.


So I went shopping at Joann’s yesterday and I bought more Dylusion ink sprays! They regularly cost $9.99, but are 40% off this week. I bought the purple and turquoise sprays a few months ago for art journaling, and they were so much fun to use. I knew I had to buy the other sets! There are 18 colors in all, so I’m almost halfway there! Sadly, Joann’s only sells these colors, so I’m probably going to have to look online for the rest.

Dylusion Inks

Another thing that I bought was the Antique Flowers And Butterflies stamp-and-die combo set by Hero Arts and Sizzix. I absolutely love that they teamed up to do this! I’ve been wanting a butterfly stamp set with a corresponding die/punch for a while now. When my friend showed me a card where she used the set and said she got it at Joann’s, I knew I had to get my hands on one as soon as possible. I was considering buying the butterfly stamp set and corresponding butterfly punch from Stampin’ Up, but they’re way too pricey. This is a great alternative. Regularly $24.99, I got it 40% off.

Antique Flowers And Butterflies picture

Here are some die cuts of the largest butterfly that I did. Aren’t they adorable?!! I literally squealed in delight when I ran the die through the Cuttlebug and saw the result. I am in LOVE with this set. I’m so excited to begin using them on a card!

These are not yet colored because I was playing with them around midnight and decided it was too late to start coloring them. I’ll try to color them as soon as I can and post a picture up for you guys to look at. I’ll also try to post up some pictures of some of the experimentations I did with the dylusion ink sprays, tags, some materials I found at work to use in crafting, and art journaling.


Thanks for reading!



2 responses to “Father’s Day Card Challenge

  1. Giiiiirl I am so happy for you gettin’ a job and stuff! You are kicking butt! I think it’s great that you’re teaming up with other card-makers to make better cards than ever before! As for my pick, I pick card number 1 because I think that is an awesome portrayal of a cheesy old dad sweater vest and I think that any dad would love to get one of those!

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