Who Doesn’t like Boxes?!

So for the past few days, I have been in a crafting mood; not for cards, but for 3D containers, like boxes. I was thinking it would be useful to have something to put sets of cards into to give to people. Who wouldn’t like that?!

I poked around on Pinterest for a while and found some interesting tutorials. I ended up making four different types of card containers. Yes, FOUR!

The one on the far right literally took me less than five minutes to make (the base only). The one on the far left has problems staying up. I think it is because the rosette is a bit too heavy, so keep in mind the weight of your embellishments!

Card Holder Samples

Card Holder Book 2 Card Holder Book

I also made an amazing photo box that I am very proud of. It’s amazing how professional-looking it turned out to be! It took me about 4-5 hours to make since I had to make each individual “slots” for the box. In the video tutorial, the woman used Kraft squarish envelopes; however, since I didn’t have any the right size and didn’t feel like spending money on envelopes, I decided to make my own slots. I made about 11 slots (measuring 5.5 in x 5 in), which took about 6 sheets of 12×12 cardstock. The base used up 4 sheets of cardstock, so you would need 10 in total to make this photo box (*ONLY if you decide to make your own slots. If you prefer a quicker way and don’t want to use that much paper, use envelopes instead).

To keep it closed, I used tiny magnets. Two are underneath the band you see on the front of the box with the black strip, and the corresponding two are underneath the lid (which you can’t see).

I am not done decorating it yet. I need to brainstorm and think of things I can use to decorate it. For now, I plan to use the photo box to hold art journaling projects. It’s hard to explain what art journaling is since I am new to it. I guess it is sort of like those Smash books you see at Michael’s, except more focused on artistic experiments. Here’s a useful link if you want to learn more: Art Journaling 101.

Anyway, the photo box video is rather long and I didn’t watch all of it, just enough to construct the box and slots. All you really need to do is write down the measurements and watch the construction and that should be enough to get you started on your own. Also, skip to about 12:00 minutes since that is about the time when she actually starts. I’ve provided links to each tutorial below.

Photo BoxPhoto Box Open 3 Photo Box Open

Here is the measurements for the slots. Oh, the one on the left is exactly 5 inches tall, NOT 5.25 inches! This means that once you put it together, the one on the right should be .25 (1/4) inches taller.

Don’t use thick cardstock since it does need to be able to easily “stretch” open. Anything like pattern paper or envelope-thin paper should work. I used thick cardstock and have experienced small problems with the adhesive not being able to keep some of the slots sticking together. I also had to make more slots than the amount mentioned in the video because the cardstock isn’t as flexible as envelopes or pattern paper.

Photo Book Slots

Here is the list of tutorials I used to make them:

  1. Criss-Cross Card Box (far left on top pic)
  2. Magazine File (Middle)
  3. Card Organizer (Far right)
  4. Book Box (Bottom pic)
  5. Photo Box: I found the inspiration here, which led me to the video tutorial.

Thanks for reading!




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