Week 2 Card Challenge!

All right, here are the results from last week’s card challenge.

*Drum Roll*

The winners are Card #1 and Card #4!

Mother's Day FlowersNelly's Mother's Day

Thank you to those who commented and voted! We appreciate it.

I was the creator of Cards #1 and #3. For my cards, I learned that I should have considered the inside space more since it seems people found that there wasn’t enough space to write. I also agree that maybe I should have thought more carefully about the placement of my flowers because it can seem awkward and unattractive to some people. But thank you for your input, guys. I’ll definitely try to take them into consideration for my future cards!

For Cards #2 and #4, it seems the front can feel “too much” to some and that the inside was a bit too blank. So perhaps if some parts(s) were taken away or altered on the front and if a simple image was added on the inside, both cards would look better. Definitely good things that need to be considered.


For this week’s challenge, the theme is GRADUATION. We decided to use our old high school’s colors – Green, Yellow, and White. For the base, we decided to do one that looked like a graduation cap. The stamp set is TPC Studio’s Valedictorian.

TPC Studio Valedictorian

Card #1:

(Click images to enlarge)

Grad Card Front Grad card inside

Card #2

Graduation Card 2013 Front Graduation Card Inside 2013

Voting ends on May 19 at 8PM.

Please look at each card carefully and comment below which one do you think is the best. When you comment, please write a reason why if you can. Did you like something more in one card than the other? Did the creator use something more effectively? What did you like about it?

In order to keep it fair, there will be anonymity until the voting period ends.

Thanks for checking us out!



3 responses to “Week 2 Card Challenge!

  1. I prefer card #1 mainly because if you were to write in the empty space on card #2 it would show when the card is closed.

  2. card no 1 i like design of card beautiful layout beautiful message
    card no 2 look very nice absolutely love message

  3. I prefer card #1 mainly because if you were to write a message in the blank space in card #2 it would show while the card is closed.

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