Card Challenge! Week 1

In order to help push our creativity, my friend and I have decided to start doing weekly card challenges together. Each week, we will pick an overall theme/occasion, a color palette, a specific card base, and a stamp set and then make a card within those guidelines. We have decided to make the time limit a week so that each week (or every two weeks) we can showcase our cards and have people come and vote to see which one is more effective!

So please look at each card carefully and comment below which one do you think is the best. When you comment, please write a reason why if you can. Did you like something more in one card than the other? Did the creator use something more effectively? What did you like about it?

In order to keep it fair, there will be anonymity until the voting period ends.


That means each week I will announce the winner of the previous challenge as well as introduce the new week’s cards.

This week, we decided to make a window card, with the color palette of blue, grey, and yellow (white will be the 4th default color). Since Mother’s Day is approaching, we decided to make Mother’s Day cards. We used the stamp set  Sheena Douglas: Poppies and Daisies and for the sentiment we used TPC Studio: All in the Family.

For this week, we chose to do two cards since there were two flowers stamps and we wanted to do one of each.

Please click on the images to enlarge them.

SD Poppies and DaisiesTPC Studio All in the Family

Here are the cards: Card #1 vs Card #2 & Card #3 vs Card #4

Card #1: (Front and Inside)

Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's Day Card Inside - Copy

Card #2:

Nelly's Mother's Day 2 Nelly's Mother's Day Inside 2

Card #3:

Mother's Day Sunflowers Front 2 Mother's Day Sunflowers Inside

Card #4

Nelly's Mother's DayNelly's Mother's Day Inside

Here is a side-by-side comparison.

Card#1 vs Card #2

Compare Poppies

Card #3 vs Card #4

Compare Sunflower

Thank you for checking these cards out and please vote!



4 responses to “Card Challenge! Week 1

  1. First off, both of these are gorgeous and well made. Great job to both of you! Now for opinions…

    For both sets of cards, I found I might like the inside but not the outside, or the outside but not the inside.

    Card 1 vs Card 2
    My favorite of these two is card 1.
    – The overall look is very professional.
    – The cut out is clean, and the words fit nicely in the cut out area.
    – I love the effect of the flowers rising into the cut out area from the inside. Beautiful touch.
    While the inside flowers look gorgeous when the card is closed, there is no place to write anything on the inside… People usually like to at least sign it somewhere, put a small note inside, or write a novel all over the card’s interior. There is hardly space for the card giver’s personal touch. If the flowers could fade out halfway (somehow) it would work a lot better. But right now the interior is too cluttered.

    …Which is what I like about card 2.
    – The interior has a good amount of white space for personal notes.
    – Besides that, though, the front is too cluttered.
    – Now, I love the rectangle piece with the flowers in it! That is my favorite part.
    – The coloring on the flowers is done better than Card 1. However, Card 1 would not work as well with the shading. Then it’d have too much going on.
    – Also, the teal background where the bow is balances the blue flowers out very nicely.
    – Other than that, there is too much going on. The string with a bow is nice, but It adds too much…
    – And I don’t really like the bumpy outlines. It might work if a different stamp was used (one not so serene, but more lively), but otherwise it clashes.

    Winner: Card 1 (with a more white interior).
    There’s a lot of good things going on with Card 2, but there’s too much happening.

    Card 3 vs Card 4
    Same deal here with the last ones. I enjoy Car 3’s exterior, but the inside is all taken up. I’m all for decorations on the interior, but not smack across the entire thing.

    Some things different:
    Card 3
    – The overlapping where you see the inside flowers through the cutout does not work as well. It’s only a bit on the sides and it doesn’t look intentional. Looks like a mistake. It sets the finely centered print off balance, too.

    Card 4
    – I like how the yellow is repeated in this one. It was present in the last one, but only around the cut out. The silver repeated, though.
    – Again, I love the flowers cut on in the rectangle. Reminds me of Chinese/Japanese flower paintings.
    – Again as well, the area cut out on the cover feels too tight.
    – The bumpies work better, as well as the string/bow (works because it works with the yellow). But I still think something could work better than the colored string.
    – Why do the bumpies work? Because it goes with the overall feel of the card. The bumpies give it a more childish feel, while Card 2 had more of a serene, mature feel. Card 4’s daisies and repeat of yellow/light colors gives it a youthful aura, and therefore the bumpies work.
    – Like last time, I like the clean interior. I can write a note to my mom on how much I love her and doodle her a picture of my own. I can make it personal.
    – Again again, though the cover works better it still feels too cluttered.
    – Also, I didn’t realize that Cards 2 and 4 had a slight tinge of color outlining the interior. That’s a beautiful effect.

    Winner: Card 4.
    Card 3 is nice like Card 1, but the covered inside and issue with the interior flowers offsetting the text set it back.

    Overall, I think the maker of cards 1 and 3 should explore a little more. If this was your first time making something in the style of your two cards, then congrats! You look like a professional! But you’re playing it safe. The interior needs more thought, too, rather than repeating the same thing over the whole thing.

    Cards 2 and 4 tried a lot of things and put a lot of thought into it, but the maker needs to chill a bit. Find the things that work and don’t make it too cluttered.

    Just a suggestion: I think it’d be good for this challenge if you both did one vertical card and one horizontal card (when it applies). That way you’re working with two different orientations. If that’s too many restrictions on the challenge already, though, then ignore my suggestion.

    But anyway, great job to both of you! You have lucky mothers (assuming they’ll receive one of them)!

  2. It’s hard not to say I like them all. I really do though. If I had to choose one, I would pick whoever made number 3. I feel like that one has the most potential of being a mothers day card, since there are more daisys on it and less colors like the other 3 have.It;s more simplistic. The cut in the window of the cards is a nice touch as well since it’s not just an oval shape. It makes me curious to see what is inside.

  3. Card #1 looks like a mistake, the flowers should flow from front to the back (inside of card). Also, in Card #1 where the hell is there room to write a comment/note? Grade for #1=FAIL.
    Card #2 exhibits more thought and detail. Not too simple and not too flashy, in other words EXCELLENT card.
    Im short on time, will get back to 3 & 4 shortly.
    Good job guys.

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