1,007 to be specific! I’m so happy and excited to finally reach and pass the 1,000 mark!

To celebrate, here is a card I made using one of my own digital stamps, the bride. I’m not quite sure what this type of card is called. I have yet to find the actual/official name for it. For now, I call it a vertical step card. The sentiment says “Congratulations on walking down the aisle.”

I had a hard time deciding on a good composition for this one. It took me a long time and several tries before I could find a way to achieve that layered cake look in the front (kept messing up the measurements!).

Wedding Card


On another note, school is about to end, so hopefully I will be able to post up some of my artwork that I did for this semester soon enough. I’m currently working on a series focused on patterns of nature in Art on Paper and two drawings on fantasy-like creatures in ink and chalk pastel for my drawing class. I’m excited to experiment with ink and chalk pastel together. It should prove an interesting combination. Hopefully, I don’t mess up the ink part!

Thanks for the views and for reading!



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