Easel Booklet

These two past days I’ve been busy working on a little project for my friend. I was browsing crafting videos and found some on making post-it note holders. They were so cute that I decided I had to try and make one. Well, I went to Staples, and found in the clearance section, a bunch of Martha Stewart office supplies. They were incredibly cheap, ranging from 50 cents to $2! I found some Post-it notepads (below) (or Ultrahold Sticky Notes as it appears on the package) and they were absolutely perfect for this project. Using the knowledge I gained from watching the crafting videos, I tried to make my own version. I have yet to see another project like this one (so I’ll just call it an easel booklet). It took me about 11.5 hours to finish it. Hopefully, next time it won’t take as long.

Martha Stewart Notepads

I tried to make this booklet as versatile as possible, so I tried to find as many things as I could that could be put on it. In the end, I used up all the space available except for one square. The booklet contains 1. a Post-it notepad, 2. a mini pocket/envelope. 3. a removable business card holder, 4. a pen holder, and 5. 2 display areas (inside front and back)

Here’s a short video of my project.

For the business card holder, I used a magnet, which I bought from Walmart and came in a roll for about $4. For the mini pocket and the back display, I used Velcro.  To make it stronger, I added a layer of mat board to the back (underneath the back display image).

If you wanted to make one yourself, it is really just a matter of making an easel card base and then playing around with the available spaces. Here is a sample of the card base for this project.

Card Base Easel Note Pad

  1. Card Base: 12” x 4”
  2. Score: 5 7/8 (not 57! 5 and 7) and 6 1/16 OR to make it easier, score at 5 7/8, flip the paper around and score at 5 7/8 again. (Gray lines on the right that are on either side of the purple area).
  3. There are now two sides measuring 5 7/8 with a small area between them for the thickness of the notepad (purple). Take one side and fold it in half. (Gray line on the left).

Please give this project a try! It is super fun and perfect as gifts for friends, family, and coworkers or for your own personal use.

Thanks for reading!



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