Custom Digital Stamp

So I’ve been experimenting with making my own digital stamp! I thought it’d be difficult, but it is surprisingly easy.

After looking at some wonderfully cute stamps online, I decided to try to make my own stamps using Photoshop Elements 9.

Click here to be directed to where my digital stamp is: MoonlightRomance16

Here’s a preview of what the image looks like:

Mini Girl Image

Click on download (on your far right) and go through the process of saving it. It is an .abr file, so make sure to save it where you keep your “brushes” file. If you do not have Photoshop or Gimp or any photo-editing program, simply right-click and save as a .jpeg or .png file. This will allow you to use the image in Paint or Word.

I will continue to experiment with this and improve my skills. Perhaps one day I can make my own line of digital stamps! I’ll continue to post up images of my digital stamps under the “Crafts” tab of my blog, so check back later to see what’s new!

Feel free to use my images, but please make sure to credit me!

Thanks for reading,



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