Foam Core! The Possibilities.

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest that utilized foam boards as the material to build craft storage. I thought it was such a clever idea that I had to look more into it. I was able to find some videos that showed what people have done with it and the ideas they came up with are truly amazing. I’m excited to start making my own stuff since it is such an inexpensive way to make your own storage. All you need is a few pieces of foam board, an X-acto knife with a few extra blades (I hear the cutting dulls the blade quickly), hot glue, a ruler, and lots of patience! (Utility knives don’t work very well since for some reason they don’t make clean cuts with foam).

Foam boards can be found at Michael’s, Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, and dollar stores! Basically, almost every store you go to usually carries them. However, the big craft stores ones usually cost a bit high, so the best place to get them is the dollar store. Michael’s do carry some that are $2.99 and they are sturdier than the dollar store ones, though are a bit harder to cut. They usually come in size 20″ by 30″ and the width is 3/16. I’ve only been able to find white ones, but I think you can use spray paint them or mod podge paper on them for further customization.

Here is the link to the first foam core ink stamp storage unit I saw on Pinterest:

Just scroll down till you see “Foam Board Project Dimensions.” The storage unit she made is similar to the one I want to make, but accommodated to my own needs.

Here is a video I saw that helped me formulate what to add to my ink stamp storage unit. I love the drawers. Sadly, she doesn’t provide directions on how she made the storage unit.

This video helped me get a visual idea of what I can do to make an ink stamp storage, though I won’t exactly be using her way to make it.

I can’t wait to get started on my own. I’ll be helping a friend make her ink stamp storage, so I’ll post up how it went and how mine came out when I’m done with it.

Thanks for reading!



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