DIY Ink Blenders

I was using my Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool and was switching foam pieces when a flash of brilliance hit me. I still had the wood parts from when I removed my rubber stamps from the wood pieces and turned them into clear stamps. Why not turn those wood parts into blending tools as well?!! Might as well since all they’ve been doing is take up space.

I quickly searched through my stack of wood parts (below) to find if any would work for the size of the foam pieces. I have no wood cutter and didn’t know where I could go to find someone who could cut the wood down for me so I was only able to find a few that worked. Most were either too small or too big. I had some that were the perfect width, but were too long (though I’m not sure if the too-long length affects their blending ability or not).


Here’s my Inkssentials Blending tool which I used as a guide to see what wood size would work:

Inkssentials Blender Tool

Here are two wood pieces I found. I went ahead and stuck the foam pieces on them. (click to enlarge):

DIY Blenders DIY BlendersVelcro

I used Velcro that I had on hand that I bought from the dollar store. They were pre-cut into small circles and I used it on the Wild Honey one. My mother also had velcro but in strips, which I liked a whole lot better, so I used that one for the red one (Fired Brick). For the circle Velcro, I used four (one for each corner) so that when I moved the foam the sides wouldn’t roll all over the place. For the strips, I cut one to the length of the foam piece, then I cut another one the same length since the strip isn’t as wide as the foam piece and used that to cover the rest of the foam piece. Then, I cut the excess Velcro off. Essentially, I had one and a half worth of strips (if that makes sense). Next, I cut out some clear contact paper and wrote the names of the colors in black sharpie pen and stuck them to the top and both sides of the wood pieces.

Clear Contact Paper

Tada! You’ve got yourself some homemade blending tools using materials/supplies you probably have at home (especially if you’re a crafter). Now I no longer have to keep switching foam pieces. I’ve seen other crafters make their own blending tools, but they often went to Home Depot or Lowe’s to get their wood. At least I didn’t have to spend (extra) money to make mine, which is great, and I recycled,  which is an extra bonus!

Thanks for reading!



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