Half a Circle Xmas Tree Fold

Here’s a quick tip on how to add a simple yet charming embellishment for the front of your Christmas card! Or even as paper ornaments.

Folded Xmas Tree

I’ve seen this type of tree a few times on Pinterest but have yet to try it. Till now! It’s very easy to do. All you need is a piece of paper that is cut into a circle, which you will then cut in half. It can be any sized circle you want. However, make sure you use paper that have designs on both sides, or else you’ll get trees like mine where the white (back of paper) is seen.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest that explains the steps way better than I can. However, I did learn that you don’t really have to follow the measurements. Once you understand how to fold it, you can simply fold it using any length you want and basically get the same look. I believe the one on the upper right and lower left are the ones I did following A Creative Operation‘s tutorial. The other two I just simply did it freehand.

I’m definitely going to make more trees (with double-sided Xmas themed paper) and use them for my cards. I’ll post them up once I finish making them.

Try it out! And have fun!

Thanks for reading!



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