Black Friday Bonanza

Black Friday – endless lines, numbed bottoms, frozen toes, and soon-to-be empty wallets. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Just like last year and the year before that, I ended up spending loads of money on things I don’t really need but feel like I can’t live without! This included a new iPod Touch (I needed more memory!), an Xbox 360 wireless controller (I only play video games once in a while so I question my decision on this), a sturdier art portfolio (good investment, I assure you!), a storage for my cardstock (I needed it eventually and it was on sale!), Frame of Mind Cricut Cartridge (Ok, not necessary, but now I can cut out frames!), some pantyhose-like tights (I may regret it later since it may not even match my brown ankle boots), and some crafting supplies (too cheap to pass up!). I also helped pay for a $114 fake leather jacket (orig. price was $228).

Thursday afternoon began my sleep-deprived period of waiting and shopping (Yes, Black Friday is no longer on Friday). Always prepared, I set up a mental map of the journey ahead. I hit Michaels first, then waited for 3.5 hours at Toys R Us, then Target at 9, then Paradise Valley Mall at midnight. A 4 hour nap and I was off to meet up with friends and go ball gown shopping for an upcoming school ball. That shopping trip lasted 8 HOURS. I believe that’s a new record for me. By the end of the day, I felt like my legs were going to drop off.

The shopping at Paradise Valley Mall was a very interesting experience. I’ve never gone to a mall on Black Friday before, so I decided to give it a try this year. Let me say that it was crazy. The second those doors opened everyone pushed in and ran like crazy, stampeding through the mall. Most of them passed the table giving away free mugs and a coupon for free coffee (good thing for me since that was the main reason I wanted to go). It was definitely exciting and lively, with a festive air to it.

The long shopping trip on Friday was exhausting but successful. We hit up Tempe Marketplace, a few Goodwills, My Sister’s Closet, and a Savers. We all loved Savers because it was huge. My friends got their ball dresses (for about only $10!) and I got some crafting supplies at super low prices.

Here’s some of the crafting supplies I got. The cardstock storage is regularly priced at $90, and I got it for $25 (after an additional 25% off the sale price)! The mirror stamp I found at Savers for a bit less than $2 (lucky find!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. A friend recently told me a guy we knew in high school bought 16 TVs on Black Friday! Why? He got an adrenaline rush from waiting in line with hundreds of other people and scurrying around the store crazily finding things. That’s CRAZY. I wish I could have seen it happening…a young man buying 16 TVs…what a sight that would have been.


One response to “Black Friday Bonanza

  1. How did he even transport 16 TVs outa there? Perhaps they were little mini TVs. Either way cool get on those supplies, that paper cutter is looking mighty fine.

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