Tower Flag Book

I recently came across a pin on Pinterest that showed me how to make a unique type of book called the Tower Flag Book. It’s very interactive and there are tons of possibilities on what to do with it. I watched the video on how to make it and discovered it to be surprisingly easy to make! Below is my tutorial on how to make your very own.


2 pieces of chipboard (4″ x 9 “) – Make sure it isn’t too thin. It’s important that it is sturdy and not flimsy.

6 pieces of 8.5 x 11 cardstock or 4 pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock

Adhesive – I used Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue

Scoring board – Optional

Trimmer – Optional

27″ to 30″ of Ribbon



Let’s start with the front and back covers. If you haven’t already, cut a piece of chipboard into 2 pieces measuring 4 inches by 9 inches.

Next, cut out 2 pieces of cardstock measuring 6 inches by 11 inches. There should be an inch or so margin around all four sides. Apply adhesive to one side of the chipboard and place in the center of the cardstock. Apply pressure for a minute or two so the entire chipboard is flat and stuck to the cardstock nicely.

Then, cut the corners off (as shown). Apply glue to each flap and as you finish a flap, fold it inward. DO NOT apply glue to all the flaps and then fold them because the glue might have dried by the time you’re ready to fold them all.

Leave the covers alone for now. If they aren’t straight, try placing them under something flat and heavy while you work on the rest of the book.


The spine is basically a piece of cardstock folded in accordion style. But, the folds need to be crisp and precise for the book to work well.

You will need a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock. The first score line is 1 inch. After that, score every 5/8 mark. If you don’t have a scoring board, you can simply measure it all out. Mark the 1 inch on the paper, and then measure 5/8 from that 1 inch mark and mark it and then measure 5/8 again and mark it. Do it until you reach almost to the end and then carefully fold along each mark. Try to leave a 1 inch margin at the end. When I scored mine, I found that I had to leave the end a bit bigger than 1 inch. This is fine, since it will end up being covered anyway. Click to enlarge image.

The next step is to glue the ribbon to the back cover. Hold the ribbon ends together and find the middle. Take that middle and glue it to the middle of the back cover (the chipboard should still be showing). Ignore the purple paper in the pictures, or pretend it’s chipboard! This was my first attempt at making the book so there were a few mishaps. Spread the ribbon out straight on both sides.

Now it is time to glue the spine to the covers. This part is CRITICAL so read carefully!

This is where you apply glue to the 1 inch ends. Turn the paper over so that the ends are facing downward. The side facing you is where the glue is applied. Apply glue to one end and carefully stick the end to the front cover, making sure the first fold line (which marks the 1 inch line) is aligned with the edge of the cover, as seen in the 2nd and 3rd images below. Then do the other end. Do not apply glue to both ends first and then try to apply them to the covers (like I said before, the glue may dry up quickly). The last image is the end result. IMPORTANT: Make sure the left side of the ribbon is underneath the spine’s end (that will stick to the back cover). Therefore, it should be sandwiched between the back cover and the end of the spine, as seen in the 4th image.

Next, cut out two pieces of cardstock measuring 3.5″ x 8.5″ and glue it to the front and back covers on the INSIDE where the chipboard still shows. I accidentally glued mine to the inside of the covers first before gluing the spine so that is why you see purple and then the spine’s ends on top (in the above pictures). The 3.5″ x 8.5″ cardstock should be applied AFTER you have glued the spine’s ends to the covers so that they end up covering the ends.

Now, it’s time to add the pages. Cut out 21 pieces of cardstock measuring 2 5/8″ x 3 1/2″ each. These are your flags. When you glue them down, there should be a tiny space between each, like in the image below.

The end flags are glued on the left side of the folds starting from the back cover. The middle flag is glued on the other side (the right side). Make sure to leave about 1/8 of an inch of space between each flag. Continue to glue the flags this way until you reach the end.

I suggest folding it up carefully and tying it and leaving it under something heavy for a while so that the folds are crisper, which makes it easier to close the book.

You can now decorate it anyway you want!

Here is the video I used to help me construct mine. However, in the video they used a kit which came with everything pre-cut for you.

Once you’ve done one or even a few, you can change it up however way you want. Go crazy! As seen on Lift Bridge Cards and Crafts‘s blog, she has experimented with the format of the flag book. Here is her own version of this tutorial if you need any clarification:

Flag Book

Here’s  a video of how the flag book works, taken from Lift Bridge Cards and Crafts‘s blog.

Thanks for reading!



4 responses to “Tower Flag Book

    • Thanks! It’s rather quite easy to make with just stuff around the house. You should give it a try! It’d make a perfect photo album or even a mini scrapbook.

    • Thanks! It is definitely fun to play with. I’m planning for it to be a Christmas gift so to decorate it, I adhered lines of a poem onto each flap and added in some personal pictures. It’s uses are boundless. You just have to let yourself get super creative.

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