Phoenix Craft Rave

A friend of mine and I recently got the opportunity to volunteer for the Phoenix Craft Rave, which was hosted by Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka The Crafty Chica), and Cyndi Coon, of Laboratory 5. The event was held from 2 pm till midnight. Yes, 10 hours of crafting! We were both excited to see what was in store.

The craft rave was epic. It was an amazing and joyous sight to see many artists, crafters, and designers come together and share their creativity. After helping out, we were able to browse around at different tables to see what projects were available. There was needle felting, bookmaking, jewelry making, t-shirt designing, shrine-making, and so much more. I was able to make some earrings/charms out of bottle caps (provided by Angela Daniels) and a personalized message-in-a-bottle (provided by Cyndi Coon). I had a blast making them, and will definitely try to make more of these two projects in my spare time.

The bottle cap project inspired me to make more charms/jewelry/trinkets out of bottle caps. I never really tried it before, but it was so much fun that I need to do more! Luckily, I have a Cuttlebug already, which allows me to flatten out the bottle caps. Now I just need some bottle caps, a piercer, a circle punch, cardstock, clear epoxy stickers, glue dots, and rings and I’m good to go.

Furthermore, I simply loved Cyndi’s project. The message I put in my bottle was “Love and Create Art” (or does “Create Love and Art” sound better?).  Decorating it was a challenge (but how fun it was!), because there were so many things to decorate it with. Even choosing the right jar took me a while; I ended up choosing what was once a strawberry jam jar. I honestly had no idea what to do or put in my jar since this was the first jar I ever tried to decorate, so I just went with the flow. As I was creating my masterpiece, I decided to focus on creativity and art, so I stamped the words “Create” and “Art” and placed it in my jar. However, I wasn’t done there. I started thinking about my life which led to the idea of love. Who doesn’t need love? Love is a vital aspect in everything! Therefore, I stamped the word “Love” and hot glued it to a cork and stuck it in the middle of my jar to represent love as the foundation of my creativity. Who could have guessed I’d have such an earth-shattering revelation by adding a few stamped words and a cork in a jar? I feel like a genius.

Anyway, from there, I went crazy. I was tying up charms and clipping them up with mini clothespins. I was pouring a bunch of glitter in, dumping in some heart-shaped confetti, and hot gluing buttons like there was no tomorrow! Oh, what a joy it was! Clearly, I need to decorate jars more often.

I also got some free tattoos, which is a weird thing for me to do since I’ve always been rather “anti-tattoo,” even with temporary ones. However, I must say, they don’t look half bad. I also got a swag bag with a bunch of crafty goodies!

Overall, it was a fun experience and I hope to enjoy more craft raves in the years to come. Perhaps, I’ll be able to have my own table next year so I can show people my own crafty skills.

Thanks for reading,


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NOTE: Go here to see a video from Sonoran Living showing a bit of what was available at the rave.


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