CHA, also known as the Craft and Hobby Association, is a nonprofit trade association that focuses mainly on promoting the craft and hobby industry. It even has a WordPress blog here and a Facebook page here.

Unlike other trade shows I’ve heard about, this one specifically focuses just on crafts. That fact alone sparked my interest because I am a novice paper crafter and scrapbooker and this industry is something I am truly interested in learning more about.

I would like to attend this trade show because I feel like it can be useful in showing me what crafters around the world has done, is doing, and will do. Just seeing everyone’s creativeness will help me spark my own creativity. I often try to use different sources of inspiration in my work, so having all this creativity in one place is ideal for me. Additionally, a bonus (as a buyer) of attending the show is being able to get familiar with products before I buy them. I’m always on the lookout for good products that actually work.

Based on what I’ve found on CHA’s main site, its blog and Facebook page, I feel that it is a valuable resource. They provide seminars, demo-nars,  workshops, hands on labs, and more, all of which promote you to learn how to succeed in this industry. It is also a networking opportunity. I can talk to others with more experience, get advice, show people my work and establish connections.

Lastly,  just seeing what was at the previous show makes me want to see more.

Thanks for reading,


(Images were taken from the CHA’s Facebook Page).


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