To Hear Another’s Voice…

Like many artists barely starting out, I’m in the mindset that I’m going to end up being a  “starving artist” since it’ll be extremely difficult to make a living as an artist especially in this economy.

However, when I hear other people doing well in the creative field it gives me hope. I absolutely love hearing how they came to be where they are today. I’m curious as to what it takes and how they did it because I believe that if I follow their example, I can end up as successful as them. I’m always looking for ideas/advice on how to make it in the art world. Nevertheless, sometimes after I learn more I get a sense of being inadequate. For example, many artists are familiar with Photoshop and other digital software, and I start to feel as if I won’t succeed since I’m not familiar with those digital programs. Though perhaps I should see it as a sign for self-improvement. At least I now know what I need to know to make myself look like an asset to employers.

Basically, listening to other creatives is a two way street for me. I can either feel hopeful or hopeless. It all depends on my mindset and determination. On that note, it’s time to think positive since being negative doesn’t do anything for me, except keep me in a rut.



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