Easel Card

I recently made a birthday card for a friend of mine and another friend who saw the card suggested I write a post about how to make innovative cards instead of just the traditional open & close card. I decided that it’d be a good idea to see how much I’ve learned since I first started cardmaking. Therefore, I’m going to first start by writing about one of my favorite types of cards to make: the easel card. It is amazingly easy to assemble, and a bonus is that it can be interactive.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the body of the card:

  1.  4″ x 10″ piece of cardstock
  2. 4″ x 5″ piece of cardstock
  3. Adhesive or glue

Note: You can make this card any size you want, as long as you fold the bigger piece of cardstock in half and the upper portion in half, and the smaller piece’s length and width fit the bigger piece (after it is folded). For example if I start out with a 3″ by 12″ piece of cardstock, my smaller piece would be 3″ by 6″.

Also, it helps when you decorate it to have something coming off the card (on the lower half of the bigger cardstock) so that when you raise the top part up, there is something to keep it upright/from sliding back down. I usually tie a ribbon, have a cutout of something or a 3D embellishment to keep it up.

Here are pictures of some easel cards I’ve done in the past. I’ve also provided an image tutorial of how to assemble it below.

Easel Card Assembly

Feel free to comment if any of this sounds confusing.

Thanks for reading!



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