My Ideal Workspace

My ideal workspace is used for my crafting and art projects. It is located right outside my home and measures about 800 square feet. All the walls are white, the floor is tiled, and it is has air conditioning. It has three large windows on two of the four walls, the back wall has one and the wall to the left of it has two, and they can be opened to let in air or let out fumes. The left wall also has a bathroom connected to it. I also have lights installed on the ceiling for when I work at night.

The right wall is my art area. I have the Art Quest Multi-media Desk in the center. Above that is a large cork board. To the left of the Art Quest Desk is my metal easel. To the right of the desk is a black, oak table that measures 3 ft by 5 ft that I can use if I need a bigger work area.  Above the table is the air vents. Next to the table is a large sink.

On the back wall, to the far left, are 2 white cabinets that go from floor to ceiling like these cabinets. They hold my art supplies. I also have a gray-blue storage rack next to the cabinets to store my artwork. Furthermore, I have a large paper trimmer right on top of it.

The entrance/exit door is at the far left of the front wall. The front wall is my crafting station. About a feet away from the door are mini shelves that hold all my rubber stamps and other small things. They take up about half of the wall space. Right below the shelves is my crafting table, where my Cricut and Cuttlebug and laptop is at. Next to the table is my cardstock storage. The rest of the wall space is taken up by a peg board which holds all sorts of my crafting tools, like my punches.

In the middle of the room is a large island, where I do most of my crafting.

Below, I’ve made a sketch of what it looks like overall. The aerial view shows the tiles, the island, and the placement of the lights.

Floor Tiles: Bathroom Tiles:


Simple Sketch of Workspace:


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