Tissue Stamping!

There are so many ways of playing with stamps and ink pads; I’ve only been able to skim the surface. One of my favorite techniques so far is tissue stamping. The pictures below demonstrate the various results you can achieve with this technique. It definitely spices things up from the usual one color image.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick out a few (about 3 is good) ink pads of different colors
  2. Get a tissue for each color
  3. Start with your lightest color, dab the tissue on the ink pad and then apply it on the stamp in the areas you want that color to be
  4. Get your next darker color, and repeat step 3
  5. Then dab your darkest color and apply it in the remaining areas
  6. Next, huff on your stamp twice (hot air, so don’t blow on it!) to reactivate the inked areas
  7. Finally, stamp!
  8. And voilà!

It’s as easy as that! In my examples, I used blue, red, green, and a light purple, though I used only three colors in each image.

You can further experiment with the colors if you choose to, like blending and mixing by applying different colors over each other to get different shades and so on. One of my favorite aspects is how the colors transition from one to the other. It’s simply gorgeous.



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