Dear Me…

It’s been a stressful few weeks, and even though you have been on the brink of falling behind, you have managed to maintain some control.

Keep at it.

Use your time wisely, like you have been doing since middle school. Use your planner and plan accordingly. Free time = Be Productive.

But also have some fun! Enjoy this year and try new things. You’re already off to a good start – making friends, being more social, and getting out there, doing things you’d never think you would do.

Also, keep experimenting with your crafting. Play with those distress inks! Make more things! And show them off! All those things you wish you could do with your crafting stuff? GO DO THEM! Or at the very least put them on your list so you don’t forget.

Oh, and lay off those chips…and burgers… and chocolate. We don’t want to blow up like a balloon. What happened to the daily, hour-long runs? Remember those days?

Last but not least, be creative every day in every way! You know it’s hidden somewhere inside you. Look deep within you and let it explode.


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