The Power of Sailor Moon

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I’d like to start off this blog by talking about the most significant thing from my childhood, which played a large role in what kind of person I became. This big influence, ladies and gentleman, is Sailor Moon. Thinking back, I remember making myself get up at FIVE in the morning just so I could watch it. I don’t even remember how I discovered Sailor Moon, but I’m glad I did! I was hooked. I became addicted. I knew there was no going back. Ever. Then came the day when my world came crashing down. I woke up early as usual and turned on the TV, and what do I see? No Sailor Moon. Instead, I saw Bob Ross painting his “happy trees.” Though fascinating to watch, Bob Ross could not compete with Sailor Moon. After a week of just seeing Bob’s face, I came to the conclusion that Sailor Moon was gone forever. I was so devastated. Fortunately, by the time the anime left, I had already developed a love for the show that still holds strong today.

How did a show carve me into who I am now? Well, after some careful consideration, I realized it was because I held the same values as the sailor scouts.They were my role models as a child. They’re strong and loyal, and they fight for good and love. Each sailor scout was unique, and I cherished certain attributes of each because I wanted to be like all of them – Sailor Moon with her sincere love, Sailor Mercury with her intellect, Mars’s fiery passion, Jupiter’s spunkiness, and Venus’s friendliness. I used to pretend that Sailor Moon and the other scouts were real and one day they’d show up and recruit me in their mission to fight evil, in the name of love! (I admit I still indulge in this daydream every once in a while). I believe this is what led me to be such a goody two-shoes. It was like I lived my life thinking, “What would Sailor Moon do?”

Moreover, because I could not watch Sailor Moon anymore, I did what I could to stay close to the anime. I guess you could say Sailor Moon was my diamonds. I bought any Sailor Moon paraphernalia I could get my hands on – videos, cards, pencils, etc. Recently, I was gifted two Sailor Moon shirts, a Sailor Moon lanyard, buttons, a huge poster, a mug, and a bag. Boy, I was the happiest girl in the world.

Besides collecting Sailor Moon treasures, I also started to draw Sailor Moon and the other scouts. This allowed me to hone my drawing skills and see with “an artist’s eye.” They eventually helped me realize my talent and also fueled my growing passion. If they were real, I’d kiss the ground they walked on and tell them thanks for helping me see my potential. I hope that with Sailor Moon debuting in the summer of 2013 (BEYOND HAPPY AND EXCITED ABOUT THAT), it can do for others what it did for me.

I want to conclude this with a few of my earliest drawings of the Sailor Moon characters, dating back to 2003. Enjoy!



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